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At United Plumbing LLC, our goal is to provide the best heating, cooling, air conditioning repair services, and a variety of heating, cooling, and air conditioning products. You’re guaranteed prompt and professional heating and air service, installation, and maintenance from our team at Your Local HVAC Repair Company.

United Plumbing llc is family-owned and operated, and has a long history of meeting customer needs. We offer a wide range of services from routine air conditioning service and maintenance to complex HVAC installations. Just contact us to schedule your repair or maintenance.

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HVAC Repairs vs HVAC Maintenence in Rio Rancho

Simply put, needing an HVAC repair is referring to needing repairs made, while HVAC maintenance is referring to preventive measures that help improve performance, extend the life of your systems, and keep them running smoothly.

When you’re having maintenance done, think of your heating and cooling systems like your car. You’re having the oil changed, your tires rotated, and your air filters replaced. These are necessary for the performance and longevity of the vehicle. It’s basically the same principle for your heating and air conditioning system.

How Does An HVAC System Work In Rio Rancho?

The three main functions (or purposes) of an HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system are related. Especially when providing comfortable indoor air quality and thermal conditions. Your heating and air conditioner are often one of the largest and most complex systems in your home, so if it stops working you‘ll know soon enough! There are nine components to your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that you should know about: air return, filter, outlet, ducts, electrical components, outdoor unit, compressor/condenser, coils, and blower.

Air Return

Your air return is where the ventilation cycle begins. This return sucks in some air filters it and then passes it back into the main system. A pro tip: Make sure to clean your return regularly as debris and dust can quickly build up on your filters and clog them.


Your filter is the part of the air return where the air is drawn through; it’s the second part. A pro tip: Make sure to regularly clean out your filters to keep your system in top shape.

Exhaust Outlets

Another part of your heating system is the exhaust outlets through which the exhaust produced by the heating system is released. If you want to keep your house warm during winter, check your chimney flue/vent stack annually and tune it if necessary.


Ducts are the channels through which heated or cooled air flows. A pro tip: Get your duct system cleaned every two to five years so that everything works properly.

Electrical Elements

It’s usually easier to fix problems that arise from this part of your system than it is to fix problems that come from elsewhere. A pro tip: If something isn’t working right, check for a tripped circuit breaker or dead batteries in the thermostat.

Outdoor Unit

This is the part of your system that you think of when someone talks about an HVAC system, but it’s not the only part. The outdoor unit houses a fan that provides airflow through the house. A pro tip: Keep your unit free from debris and vegetation because they can cause serious problems if they’re sucked into your fan.


As a part of an outdoor unit, the compressor converts refrigerant from a gas into a liquid and then sends it to the coils where it absorbs heat. Pro tip: If you notice something not working quite right, check the compressor. It is often the root cause of many system failures


Coils usually cool the air as it flows through them with some help from the refrigerant they’re made of. Pro tip: Check the coils every year. If they get stuck, you might want to check your filter level and/or refrigerant level.


The blower draws air into the main section of the heater. A pro tip: The more efficiently the air moves through your system, the longer it will last.

Rio Rancho Heating and Cooling Services 

A central heating or cooling system heats or cools a house by circulating heated or cooled air through the ductwork. It may seem simple enough, but getting your house to the perfect temperature requires lots of moving parts with lots of different components involved.

Understanding the central heating/cooling processes will help you better keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Once you understand the basics, you‘ll know exactly what‘s happening in your home when your HVAC system kicks on.

  • The Cooling System: An air conditioner functions by taking heat and humidity out of your home and releasing it into the atmosphere, which eventually cools down your home. To complete this process, all of the components of the central cooling system need to work together.
  • The Heating System: Central heating systems operate in the same general way that central cooling systems do by moving air around to heat or cool your home. Instead of moving hot, moist air out, the central heating system moves hot, moist air into heat your home. However, remember that not every situation is the same. Depending on which central heater you own, your HAVC device may actually be producing its own warmth.

United Plumbing llc provides our customers with the best heating, cooling, and plumbing practices in the industry. We believe in the quality of our work so much. From Assessment day to Installation day, you will notice how our technicians provide the best attentive customer service and knowledge. You can expect that during the project, your home and yard will be left how you found it. 

Our technicians are among the top in the industry when it comes to HVAC service, repairs, or replacement. They are well equipped to work on various makes and models of HVAC equipment. 

Rio Rancho AC Repair Services

If your air conditioner breaks down, our legendary air conditioning repair team is here to help you. For several years, United Plumbing LLC has proudly served the Rio Grande communities as a locally owned and run business. We’re here for you when it comes to fast and complete AC repair service when you need us.

You may be worried that your specific air conditioner is old or unfamiliar to today‘s technicians. We’ve seen it all and we’ll work hard to fix your cooling unit or find you the next best air conditioning repair solution.

  • Rio Rancho AC Repair
  • Albuquerque AC Repair
  • Corrales AC Repair
  • Placitas AC Repair
  • Bernalillo AC Repair
  • Bosque Farms AC Repair

Rio Rancho Heating Repair Services

During the cold winter months, when Rio Rancho and the nearby cities need heating relief, residents turn to the heating experts at United Plumbing. If you live in Rio Rancho and you want to keep your heating system in good working order, give us a call. We’ve been repairing, installing, and maintaining heating systems of any kind for a number of years now. Our level of customer service is excellent.

We treat our customers the way they should be treated, but we also provide high-quality, energy-efficient equipment for their homes. Our technicians are the most trusted in the business.

  • Rio Rancho Furnace Repairs
  • Albuquerque Furnace Repair
  • Corrales Furnace Repair
  • Placitas Furnace Repair
  • Bernalillo Furnace Repair
  • Bosque Farms Furnace Repair

HVAC Installation in Rio Rancho

HVAC systems must always be installed by a qualified HVAC technician and homeowners should never attempt to install or maintain their own HVAC systems. However, there are some steps you can take before installing your HVAC system to ensure everything works perfectly and your HVAC unit is the perfect fit for your home.

  • Determine your heating/cooling needs.  Assess your HVAC needs based on your home’s orientation, yearly temperature patterns, and home size, household size to ensure you’re installing the right device.
  • Make sure your schedule is clear for installation. Most new HVAC devices take a few hours or days to install, and it’s important that you’re home during the installation process in case your installer has any questions for you If you’re having a furnace installed, it might take several days because furnaces require gas sources and if you haven’t got them already, your installer will need to arrange for them.
  • Hire a licensed HVAC professional.  Installation should be left to a state and local licensed professional. Our Professional team at United Plumbing Llc is a team you can count on to install your system properly and efficiently. 

United Plumbing Llc Provides HVAC Services to Rio Rancho 

Our company proudly serves Rio Rancho residents, along with the surrounding cities. If you are in need of HVAC Service, Repair or Installation know that you can rely on United Plumbing Llc for prompt, honest, professional service. We are confident that you will not regret it. 

Rio Rancho HVAC FAQ

One of the best things you can do to improve your system‘s performance is to frequently change or replace its air filters. There are several other ways to keep your house cool, including buying a programmable thermostat, keeping curtains are drawn or install­ing shades in rooms that are exposed to sunlight, and closing vents in multiple rooms to block airflow.

Size matters when it comes to your heating and cooling system. Our team will be able to assist you in making the right decision for your home. They will consider information such as the square footage of your home, the total number of people living in the home, and the frequency of usage for each room in the home.

Keep air flowing by keeping dust, dirt, and other debris away from any system Clean and maintain your air filter regularly, and keep your heat exchanger and coils free of obstructions. Ideally, a system needs to be serviced twice a year — once before the summer and once before the winter.

Our team begins the process by inspecting your system and providing you with a detailed report of their findings. We will also schedule your installation day. 

Our professional technicians will arrive at your house on the day of the scheduled installation. The lead installer will go through the job with you to ensure it’s exactly the way you want it done. They will also prepare the work areas. This preparation involves putting down canvas drops to prevent tracking dirt into your home and clearing away any existing equipment.

Once you and the contractor agree on the job’s parameters, the demolition of the old equipment will begin. This includes vacuuming refrigerant out of your air conditioning system and disposing of old equipment. After that, the installation process takes place

After the installers have tested and commissioned the equipment, they will then ensure that it’s running at its most efficient level. It also provides benchmarks for future maintenance visits.

The last thing the lead installer will do is review the job and pass on any information about the use and maintenance of your system that might be helpful.

In reality, 15-20 years. This depends on both proper installation and routine maintenance. If either one of the above is not done properly, the life expectancy for the HVAC system can often be far less.

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