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Rio Rancho Swamp Cooler Repair and Replacement

Whether it’s a swamp cooler installation or repair, we can provide professional and timely service. Our customer service is top of the line and we always aim for A+ customer satisfaction. We are your number one choice for your swamp cooler repairs, replacements, upgrades, and maintenance.

There are a number of reasons your heating and cooling system will need to be repaired. Whether due to lack of routine maintenance or age, our technicians can provide a detailed assessment of your unit and make the needed suggestions as far as what repairs you will need.

Making sure you choose the best professional and reliable refrigerated air repair company will save time, hassle, and money in the long run.

  • Swamp Cooler is blowing warm air
  • Swamp Cooler is not working or won’t start
  • Swamp Cooler is making loud or unusual noises
  • Swamp Cooler will not blow air
  • Swamp Cooler is leaking water
  • The supply air is not cold enough
  • High utility bills
Evaporative Coolers in Rio Rancho

We provide the maintenance you need to keep your HVAC equipment running smoothly. We provide services from air duct cleaning, regularly scheduled maintenance, and various cooling system repairs.

Evaporative Cooler Repairs in Rio Rancho

Choosing United Plumbing as for your evaporative cooler repairs and maintenance will help keep your evaporative cooler in top working order. If your unit is beyond repair, our professional technicians will carefully assess and suggest replacement.

Our HVAC system services provide our customers with excellent HVAC equipment as well as ensuring a climate control system in your home or business, so that you efficiently run your unit

We know that there are pros and cons that come with owning an evaporative cooler. That is why we not only efficiently take in consideration the age of your current unit, but the area you live within Rio Rancho, as well as the air flow within the unit and your home.

Don’t let your evaporative cooling system remain in a state of ineffective cooling. Not only will that impact your day to day living, but it will also affect your cooling bill as well.

Rio Rancho Swamp Cooler Installation Services

Swamp Coolers are one of the most cost-effective ways to cool your home.  Our reliable and affordable swamp cooler installation provides you with quality equipment, professional technician, and trusted staff. We are your swamp cooler gurus in Rio Rancho.

Since Swamp Coolers are common here in Rio Rancho, we make sure that our swamp cooler installation process is better than the standard services provided elsewhere. From our technicians to our staff, we guarantee customer service is not beat.

We walk you through the process, provide a free estimate and our staff will communicate the process with you so that you are aware of each task that is to take place to complete the process.


The cost of a Swamp Cooler installation varies depending on the type of installation you choose to have. An average cost though is between $1500 to $3500. This can depend on where it’s mounted, how big the unit is and other site conditions, and customer option choices.

Rio Rancho Swamp Cooler Maintenance Help

Swamp Coolers not only can maintain a low temperature within your home, while adding moisture to the air. This is beneficial to living in New Mexico. To maintain a cool temperature within your home, making sure that you have your unit assessed on a regular basis will ensure the temperature is balanced.

Regular maintenance of your evaporative cooler is vital to the life and function of the unit. With your pride in ownership, replacement parts will be few. Even so, professional maintenance will add several benefits.

Remember that evaporative coolers need to be maintained at the beginning of each season. This will help you avoid any unnecessary replacement of parts or the unit.

Our professional and knowledgeable technicians take note of areas of your swamp cooler that need assistance as well as give you an assessment of how your unit is functioning. We cover each component of your unit to ensure all elements are functioning properly and are in good working order.

Swamp Cooler Conversions

If after having a swamp cooler for a while you have decided to convert over to refrigerated air, United Plumbing HVAC Installation is hands down top of the line. Making this type of conversion can be more efficient than you realize. This type of Cooling System conversion is not something new to our staff either. So you can guarantee an installation that is smooth and efficient.

Speaking to our professional staff will provide you’re the information you need to not only choose our company to take on this project, but also gain insight on how having a professional and reliable family-owned company, like United Plumbing install your converted unit is beneficial.

Installation cost depends on what you are needing and what you are looking for with regards to your day-to-day life and cost per use for your household. Our staff can provide recommendations of products and services that make the installation process a good thing.

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