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Rio Rancho Water Heater Installation

Your water heater has had its day and it’s time to have it replaced. Before disaster strikes, we’re here to help you replace your old water heater with a new one that will run best for you and your family’s needs.

Water Heater Replacement in Rio Rancho 

We’ll manage every aspect of your water heater installation, from free delivery and haul away to obtaining all required permits.

Call us for Fast and Affordable Water Heater Installations in Rio Rancho. 

The Different Types of Water Heater Replacement in Rio Rancho to Choose From

Before you buy a water heater, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the different types available. Choosing the right one that will be efficient and save money will help you choose the best one is important. We can help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Storage Water Heater:

It offers a ready supply of hot water that’s adequate for everyday use. Some situations, such as when multiple uses for hot water are occurring or when there are people in the house, increase the need for hot water. According to the manufacturer’s suggested service lifetime, the expected lifespan of a water heater is approximately eight to 12 years. It depends on the location and design of your unit, the quality of installation, the maintenance schedule, and the water quality.

Tankless Water Heater: 

A tankless water heater works by using n gas flame usually, although there are electric tankless water heaters, to heat the water as it travels from the faucet through a pipe and into a unit. This delivers a near-endless supply of hot water and offers instant comfort and convenience. Unlike conventional storage water heaters, the water supply is not stored inside the tank. As there’s no tank, the system doesn’t work off of its capacity; it works off of demand.

Tankless water heaters heat up water as you need them, and they bring hot water to your appliances fast—and they never run out. Annual or semi-yearly maintenance is important for a tankless water heater, but it doesn’t mean that the system will last forever. Eventually, you’ll need to replace the appliance, but a tankless water heater may last for more than 20 years.

Solar Water Heater: 

A closed-loop system uses a non-freezing fluid to transfer heat from the Sun to water in a storage container. The sun’s thermal heat heats the fluid in the solar collectors. After that, the fluid passes through a heat exchange unit in the storage tank, which transfers the heat to the water stored there.

Certified solar water heating systems last 20 years, much longer than traditional gas or electric storage water heater. On average, a solar hot water heater with an internal tank of 26 gallons needs about 4-6 hours worth of direct sunlight to be heated up completely. Heat-up time depends on weather conditions, seasons, and temperature. A backup on-demand water heaters are usually installed as backups, heating water in minutes when needed.

How to Decide on the Right Water Heater Installation Type

You’ll want your replacement water heater installed quickly and at a fair price when it’s time for a new one. We offer our water heaters replacement service that fits within both your schedule and your budget.

We are experienced professionals who ensure that your water heater installation is done correctly and to your complete satisfaction. That’s the advantage of using United Plumbing. 

United Plumbing has specialized in water heater replacement and repair services for several decades. We understand that you want a quick response and fair prices. We want to be able to provide high-quality products and service to our customers so they’re satisfied.

Here is how to get your Water Heater Replacement and Installation started in 3 Easy Steps: 

1. Call & Schedule your Estimate: Our team can get you in our calendar as well as assign you to your plumber. 

2. Meet your plumber & Get an Estimate: On your scheduled estimate and inspection you will meet your plumber and discuss your options and type of water heater for your home. 

3. Get your water heater installed: After you have given the okay, then it’s time to set up your installation. The vast majority of installations take just a day to complete. There are some exceptions at times, but it’s not the norm. During the installation, we always take precautions of the surrounding area of the installation as well as upon entering and exiting your home. 

Why Choose United Plumbing for your Rio Rancho Water Heater Installations?

We’re a multi-generational plumbing company that has been serving our community for years. We’ve installed hundreds of water heaters for homeowners throughout the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque areas. We’ve built our name as one of the best plumbing companies around by providing high-quality services at affordable prices. Contact us by phone or by filling out the form here on our site, and a member of our team will contact you to schedule you for an estimate. 

Rio Rancho Water Heater Replacement FAQ: 

According to the manufacturer’s suggested service lifetime, the expected lifespan of a water heater is approximately eight to 12 years. It depends on the location and design of your unit, the quality of installation, the maintenance schedule, and the water quality. If your water heater has been in service for more than 10 years, leaks around the base, or if it doesn’t heat up evenly, it’s probably time to replace it. If you want to cut down on your electricity bills, you could consider upgrading to a more efficient model.

Based on the manufacturer’s suggested service life, the life expectancy of a water heater is about eight to 12 years. That varies with the location and design of the unit, quality of installation, maintenance schedule and water quality. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, leaks around the base of the tank or if it works erratically, it’s probably time for a replacement. You may also choose to upgrade to a more efficient model to cut your energy expenses.

For some people, tankless or “on-demand” water heaters offer a good solution. Tankless units don’t store heated water like a traditional tank-type, they heat the water just before it comes out of your tap. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a tankless water heater is right for you. We provide estimates so you can make an informed decision. Feel free to call us today for more information.

The runtime of a hot water heater depends on its size, model, and type of fuel. A tankless water heater typically runs for around an hour per day, while a tank-style water heater may run for up to four hours or more. If you notice that your water heater is running more than usual, call us to inspect your heater for any problems. We can assess the issues and provide a solution to your plumbing problems. 

Over time, water minerals react with steel, corroding water heater tanks. When water heaters spring a leak, the repair isn’t an option. Also, when your water heater seems to not be functioning at its best for instance,  the hot water isn’t as hot or the water isn’t staying heated for a reasonable amount of time. Then replacement might be your option.

A tank-style water heater should last eight to 15 years, and a tankless unit has at least a 20-year lifespan. For tank-style water heaters, maintenance plays a part in the longevity of your water heater.

Water leaks are perhaps the most common type of water heater issue you’ll face. Any water heater will start to leak eventually, as by nature water will eventually corrode your tank and create microscopic cracks or fractures. However, this isn’t always a sign that your tank is what’s leaking.

For a four-person family, a 50-gallon water heater is sufficient. 50-gallons is good if you’re using electricity, and 40 gallons will work for natural gas or propane. Families with more than five persons may benefit from an 80-gallon electric water heater or a 50-gallon gas water heater. Also, take into consideration the hot water usage of the whole household. 

On a national average of 8 minutes to take a shower you can get 2 showers out of a 50-gallon water heater. Based on 17 minutes of hot water run time at 2.1 gallons per minute shower head flow calculation is also from a 50-gallon water heater.

They are available in both tankless and tank models. 50-gallon water heaters have a longer lifespan. In general, 40-gallon heaters last for about eight years, while 50-gallon heaters can last 12 years. This is because 50-gallon heaters have thicker tanks. As a result, they are less likely to develop leaks.

If your water heater has any signs of decline, including unexpected break downs, it’s best to contact us for help. Replacing a water heater is a good way to improve your home, but replacing a water heater isn’t something you should attempt yourself.

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