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Are you tired of dealing with hard water spots? Are you wondering if your drinking water is as clean as it can be?

If you notice any of these water problems, we can install a water softener in your home.

Call us for Fast and Affordable Water Softener Installations in Rio Rancho. 

A lot of us have experience with hard water’s unpleasant effects: dingy clothes, deposits on glassware and cooking utensils, scale buildup in pipes and on fixtures, and more. It’s not surprising that water softeners are a popular household item.

Water softeners work to keep your home and your family safe from hard water. Hard water contains hardness mineral salts like calcium and magnesium. Even if your water has a slight hardness, it can damage water-consuming appliances. Hard water can cause hard water stains. Hard water can also dry out hair and skin.

When using water-using appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater, etc., you’ll get better results and they’ll last longer if you use soft water. Soft, clean water will keep your skin and hair soft and shiny. Your soaps, bath, and shower products will lather better and stay cleaner for longer in soft water than in hard water. Using less soap, shampoo, and body wash mean you’ll save money.

Hard Water in Rio Rancho

Hard water is household water containing high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Now, although these minerals are not poisonous and they don’t make the water unhealthy to drink; they can be harmful to your appliances, utensils, etc.

The hardness of tap water is determined by the presence of two highly solu­ble minerals—calcium and magnesium. From a health standpoint, these minerals have no adverse effects and are, in fact, essential daily nutrients. Minerals can give water its refreshing flavor. However, when calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide permeate water, they build up on contact surfaces, possibly clog pipes and damage water heat­ers, and decrease the effi­ciency of soaps and detergent. At this point, the water is considered to be hard.

Benefits of Having a Water Softener Installed in Rio Rancho

With United Plumbing, you can rest easy knowing that your water softener has been installed correctly.

The best way to figure out what size water softener to get is to have a plumbing expert from United Plumbing. We’ll consider a variety of factors when determining whether we can help you, including the size of your home and the number of people living there, and your water needs, among others.

We have knowledge and history in the Rio Rancho area. We also aim to offer quality services to our customers. You will receive our promise of customer service, plus you will learn a lot about your water softener system.

Prior to installation, we will make sure the type of water softening system you and your family will need. The capacity of a water softener plays an important role:

Water softeners’ capacities are based on the number of grains of hard minerals they can remove from the water. You’ll find water softeners that remove as few as 25,000 grains of hard minerals and as many as 80,000+ grain.

Once a decision has been made as to the type and capacity of your water softener, then the process of installation can begin. With fast, cour­teous, expertly train­ed plu­mbers, & upfront prices, you can trust that United Plumbing guar­antees cus­tomer satis­faction on your Water Softener Installation Ser­vice in the Rio Rancho area.

Providing Water Softener Service in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Rio Rancho is located just Northwest of Albuquerque. A growing suburb of residents and businesses. Rio Rancho is the largest city and economic hub of Sandoval County in New Mexico. A small part of the city extends into northern Bernalillo County. It is the third-largest city in New Mexico and is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the state.

United Plumbing proudly serves the Rio Rancho community. We aim to provide our customers with timely and professional service for their homeowner needs. We cover all of Rio Rancho as well as the following cities listed. If you are looking to install a water softener system or are in need of our other plumbing services, feel free to contact us by phone or by filling out the form here on our site.

Rio Rancho Water Softener Installation FAQ

Homeowners have found that they use less soap, dishwashing liquid, and other cleaning products because they work better without the presence of hard minerals in the tap water. As a personal benefit, you’ll have less dry and itchy skin without the buildup of minerals on your body. 

Hard water contains too much calcium and magnesium, which cause pipes to corrode. Ion exchangers use salt (sodium chloride). The result is clean water with a small amount added to it but less overall hardness. This method has been proven most successful by scientists in reducing water hardness.

With United Plumbing Services, Rio Rancho’s trusted water softener professionals, we offer a full range of services for your home water softener, including installation, maintenance & repair. We’re confident that our professional plumbers will provide excellent service and quality craftsmanship. You won’t go wrong choosing United Plumbing for your water softener needs. Just give us a call to schedule an estimate and service.

Hard water can cause all sorts of issues from bad tasting water, to harmful mineral buildup, and soap scum on your dishes. If you install a water softener, you can correct these problems. Water softeners help improve skin and hair by removing calcium from the water.

Water softeners are useful for many different reasons. They can help keep your home’s appliances running longer and prevent your family’s hair and skin from getting dry and itching. Water softeners can help prevent minerals from building in your pipes and water fixtures, too.

A RO system is for your drinking water. So it won’t treat the water going to any of your appliances and other fixtures. Without a water softener, your appliances will still have hard water running through them, which will cause build-up in your plumbing and in your sinks and shower/bathtub.

Depending on the quality of the device, water softeners that operate using electrical power can last anywhere from 2-10 years. Water softeners that depend on the kinetic energy from flowing water can last for up to 20 years if they are properly maintained.

Most water softener manufacturers recommend servicing your water softener annually. To remain in optimal condition, a water softener requires regular maintenance. Keeping to regular maintenance will keep your water softener in good working order. 

Adding an update or product that increases the function as well as liveability of your home adds value. Water Softeners are in that category. We would suggest speaking with your local Rio Rancho Realtor for the real estate details.  

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